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Larzep offers a wide range of accessories to optimize our products performance: Hoses, Couplers, Tilting saddles, Hollow saddles, Flow control valves, Fittings and Manifolds and Pressure gauges are available as standard.

  • Wide range of standard hoses up to 10 metres and 700 bar working pressure.
  • Low flow and high flow quick couplers available as standard.
  • Working pressure: 700 bar and 1.000 bar.
  • Wide range of Flow control valves: Snubber valves, Flow regulating valves with 2 or 4 outlets,
  • Manually operated check valve, Single way flow regulating valve, Check valve,
  • Pressure relief valve and Pilot operated check valve.
  • Tilting saddles highly recommended for side load application.
  • Hollow saddles used in hollow piston cylinders specially in pulling and tensioning operations.
  • Wide range of fittings and manifolds for multiple applications.
  • Glycerine filled pressure gauges for monitoring working pressure and force.
  • Digital pressure gauge for monitoring working pressure.
700 bar hydraulic hoses with 4:1 safety factor
Length: 0,8 - 10 m
Max. Operating Pressure: 700 bar
Highly refined quality hydraulic oil
Capacity: 5 litre
Low flow and high flow couplers rated for 700 and 1000 bar
Flow Capacity: 6 - 40 l/min
Max. Operating Pressure: 700 - 1.000 bar
Wide range of flow control valves
Max. Operating Pressure: 700 bar
Tilting and hollow cylinder saddles
Wide range of fittings and up to 6 port manifolds
Max. Operating Pressure: 700 bar
High accuracy gauges essential for monitoring working pressure or force
Max. Operating Pressure: 1.000 bar