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About Us  

LARZEP manufactures and markets high pressure hydraulic equipment.

Historical Factory

Larzep was founded in 1940 and since then, we have been making constant improvements, in order to offer you a better and wider service.

Located in Northern Spain, an area with a long experience and traditionally associated with engineering. We have modern facilities and machinery for fast and reliable production.

As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools, we are trustworthy, safe, reliable, quick and efficient and flexible to adapt to each of our customers needs and requirements. We have a worldwide reputation that is supported by an extensive network of Distributors and Technical Service Centres ensuring the support and coverage for our customers worldwide.

Enerpac Tool Group Logo

Larzep is wholly owned by Enerpac Tool Group (ETG), a diversified industrial company serving customers from operations in more than 30 countries.

The ETG businesses are leaders in a broad array of niche markets, including branded hydraulic tools and solutions, specialized products and services for energy markets and highly engineered position and motion control systems.

The Company was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA. ETG trades on the NYSE under the symbol EPAC.

For further information on ETG and its businesses, visit the Company's website at