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High Pressure Hydraulic Equipment

The most advanced technology

Our products are specifically designed to cover multiple industrial applications, and to solve in a simple and economical way the problems which can be encountered with the movement of heavy loads. We use the most advanced technology in our Technical Department to make sure customers problems are solved in a timely manner utilizing our special products and tools.


A specific solution for each customer, with the best design and best manufacturing techniques and control, we test each product to guarantee its safety and reliability. This process is supported by the Registered Firm Certificate ER-0404/1995 of UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard and the application of several European and International standards which we apply for each product range. Our Quality Management System is certified since 1995.

700 bar hydraulic cylinders and jacks made with the highest quality materials
Capacity: 3 - 1.085 Tn
Stroke: 6 - 362 mm
Max. Operating Pressure: 700 bar
700 bar hand, air, electric, modular and hydrotest hydraulic pumps
Oil Capacity: 280cc - 25 litres
Flow at Rated Pressure: up to 3,8 l/min.
Max. Operating Pressure: 700 bar
Hoses, couplers, saddles, valves, fittings, manifolds and gauges
Easily cut chain and cable
Wide range of pullers available with 2 and 3 jaws
Capacity: 5 - 50 Tn
Max. Spread: 240 - 980 mm
Max. Reach: 225 - 710 mm
Bench and floor mounted presses with extremely sturdy frames
Capacity: 10 - 60 Tn
Max. Bed Width: 350 - 860 mm
Max. Bed Height: 376 - 935 mm
Used for many tasks in confined access situations
Capacity: 0,8 - 15 Tn
Access Gap: 5 -31 mm
Max. Spread: 47 - 220 mm