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Hydrotest Hand Pump Series WIP
  1. Hydrotest Hand Pump Series WIP

WIP0200, Hydrotest Hand Pump, 13 liters Oil Reservoir Capacity, 200 bar Maximum Pressure, Stainless Steel Frame


Model: WIP0200   |   Series: WIP   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools
  • Engineered and designed for easy operation.
  • Can work with water and oil.
  • Lightweight hand pumps manufactured in stainless steel for use on bench in workshop hydrostatic tests.
  • Supplied with pressure gauge ⌀60 mm, control valve and 13 litre tank.
  • Stainless steel tank. Used by the Chemical industry or when aggressive liquids are used.
  • Pressure gauge: Dual scale bar / psi. / Class 1.6 up to 200 bar and Class 1.0 from 300 to 1.300 bar.

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