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Hydraulic Wedge Spreader Series CY
  1. Hydraulic Wedge Spreader Series CY

CY1501, 15 ton Hydraulic Wedge Spreader


Model: CY1501   |   Series: CY   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools
  • 15 Tn capacity wedge spreader.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic tool. Easy and quick maintenance.
  • Specially designed for pipe and flange repair and maintenance. Can be used also for seal replacement, removing elbows or heavy equipment maintenance.
  • Required access gap of only 5 mm.
  • Suitable for harsh offshore environment due to corrosion protection.
  • Recommended to be used in pairs.
  • Options: Aluminium Safety block CY15B; Handle CY15H; Kit CY1501S, with pump and 2 wedge spreaders and accessories.

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