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  1. SSX15016
  2. SSX15016

SSX15016, 150 ton Capacity, 16 mm Stroke, Single-Acting Spring Return, Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinder

SSX Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinders are ideal for applications in very confined spaces requiring a short stroke. These single-acting cylinders feature a pre-tensioned spring for quick plunger retraction.
Superior durability, safety, and versatility in a compact format. Larzep SSX Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinders feature a pre-tensioned spring for quick plunger return and flat sides for both vertical and horizontal use.


Model: SSX15016   |   Series: SSX   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

SSX low profile pancake cylinders have a short cylinder body to fit into very tight spaces. These single-acting cylinders include a pre-tensioned spring to return the plunger back to its lowest position.

  • Low height hydraulic cylinders with a capacity from 5 to 150 Tn, stroke up to 16 mm, rated for 700 bar.
  • For use in confined spaces: machinery positioning, tool fastening.
  • With two parallel faces for horizontal operation.
  • Mounting bolt holes for easy fixing.
  • Nickel plated piston with wiper seal to extend cylinder life.
  • Available in APAC countries only.

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