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  1. SSM05016
  2. SSM05016

SSM05016, 50 ton Capacity, 159 mm Stroke, Single-Acting, Spring Return Cylinders

SSM Hydraulic Cylinders provide versatility for general-purpose use. These single-acting hydraulic cylinders are manufactured from solid high-strength alloy steel and include a powerful pre-tensioned spring for quick retraction.
Reliable, durable and a versatile choice for a vast range of general purpose industrial applications. SSM single-acting cylinders are trusted by professionals on countless projects worldwide.


Model: SSM05016   |   Series: SSM   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

Larzep SSM single-acting hydraulic cylinders are the durable, reliable, and versatile choice for general purpose industrial use. With a vast range of variants available, you're certain to find a cylinder perfectly matched to your applications.

Larzep accessories can be attached to the collar threads, piston end threads, and base holes to give you many more possibilities.

  • Capacity from 5 to 95 Tn, stroke up to 362 mm.
  • Industrial general purpose hydraulic cylinders rated for 700 bar.
  • Strong spring for quick retraction, can be used in all positions.
  • Collar threads, piston end threads and base holes, for accessory mounting.
  • Nickel plated piston with wiper seal to extend cylinder life.
  • Heavy cylinders have carrying handles or eye bolts as standard.
  • Body made of solid steel.
  • Stop ring can withstand full capacity of the cylinder.
  • Golden ring to improve resistance against side loads.
  • In case of operation under side loads, Larzep can supply tilting saddles.
  • Available in APAC countries only.

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