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SX15016, 150 ton Capacity, 16 mm Stroke, Single-Acting Load Return, Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinder

SX Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinders are ideal for applications in very confined spaces that require a short stroke. These single-acting, load return cylinders have a nitrocarburized body for exceptional durability.
Superior durability, safety, and quality in a compact format. Larzep SX Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinders are ideal for short stroke applications where space is tight, and for both vertical and horizontal use.


Model: SX15016   |   Series: SX   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

SX Low Profile Pancake Cylinders have a low profile cylinder body that fits into very tight spaces. These single-acting cylinders use the weight of the load to return the plunger back to its lowest position.

The body and saddle feature a nitrocarburized finish for exceptional durability. Optional tilting saddles can be mounted onto 50 to 150 ton models to resist side load.

Each cylinder is manufactured using advanced technologies while following quality system processes meeting the standards of UNE-EN ISO 9001:200815

  • Capacities from 4 to 150 ton, strokes up to 16 mm.
  • Two versions to choose from: SX for load return, and SMX for spring return.
  • For use in confined spaces such as machinery positioning, or tool fastening.
  • Body includes two parallel faces for stability in horizontal operation.
  • Mounting bolt holes for easy fixing.
  • Nitrocarburized coating as standard to improve corrosion and side-load resistance.
  • SX models from 50 to 150 ton include removable saddle and can be fitted with an optional tilting saddle.
  • All units are load tested under 125% of the nominal capacity.
  • Female AZ3140 coupling with rubber dust cap included.

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