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Hydraulic Coupler, Low Flow AZ3 Series
  1. Hydraulic Coupler, Low Flow AZ3 Series

AZ3321, Bar Ball Coupler, Male Coupling, Male 3/8"NPT Thread


Model: AZ3321   |   Series: AZ3   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools
  • Ball quick couplers to guarantee easy and quick connection formerly used in cutters.
  • Low flow couplers, 6 litres/min.
  • 1.000 bar couplers, 3/8"-18 NPT thread.
  • Male and Female couplers can be supplied separately.
  • Apply 2 rounds of Teflon around all 3/8" NPT threads of the system, in the thread direction, leaving the first thread uncovered to prevent the tape breaking and entering the hydraulic system. Torque: 80 Nm.
  • WARNING: Never disconnect the hose when the system is pressurized. Never exceed the maximum working pressure of the hose.

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