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Double-Acting, Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Ram Series DDA
  1. Double-Acting, Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Ram Series DDA

DDA10010, 100 ton Capacity, 100 mm Stroke, Double-Acting, Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinder

DDA-Series Double Acting Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinders are the lighter alternative to steel cylinders and deliver precision and control when retracting the plunger.
Supremely portable, rugged, and precise, DDA-Series Double-Acting Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinders deliver first-rate performance on projects that demand enhanced portability and a powerful controlled plunger retraction.


Model: DDA10010   |   Series: DDA   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

DDA-Series Hydraulic Cylinders are constructed from high-strength aluminium alloy to provide a more portable alternative than steel equivalents. With up to 40% weight reduction and fitted with a steel base plate and saddle, DDA-Series Cylinders offer the ideal combination of portability and durability to handle a multitude of challenging on-site projects.

With its double-acting capability, your DDA Cylinder will provide superior precision and speed when retracting the plunger, keeping you safe and in full control.

  • Made from high-strength aluminium alloy.
  • All aluminium parts are treated to improve resistance and extend working life.
  • Lightweight: Over 40% weight reduction compared with steel equivalents.
  • Fitted with strong steel base plate and saddle for wear resistance.
  • Internal safety valve prevents accidental over-pressure.
  • Not suitable for high cycle applications.

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