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Single-Acting, Spring Return Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Ram Series SM
Single-Acting, Spring Return Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Ram Series SM
  1. Single-Acting, Spring Return Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Ram Series SM
  2. Single-Acting, Spring Return Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Ram Series SM

SM01025, 10 ton Capacity, 257 mm Stroke, Single-Acting, Spring Return Cylinders

SM Hydraulic Cylinders provide versatility for general-purpose use. These single-acting hydraulic cylinders are manufactured from solid high-strength alloy steel and include a powerful pre-tensioned spring for quick retraction.

Discontinuation Notice

This cylinder has been discontinued. As an alternative please view the SSM01025 cylinder.
Reliable, durable and a versatile choice for a vast range of general purpose industrial applications. SM single-acting cylinders are trusted by professionals on countless projects worldwide.


Model: SM01025   |   Series: SM (Discontinued)   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

Larzep SM single-acting hydraulic cylinders are the durable, reliable, and versatile choice for general purpose industrial use. With a vast range of variants available, you’re certain to find a cylinder perfectly matched to your applications.

Larzep accessories can be attached to the collar threads, piston end threads, and base holes to give you many more possibilities.

The pre-tensioned spring ensures maximum productivity by providing fast plunger retraction in any position. Inside each cylinder is a stop ring capable of withstanding the full capacity of the cylinder. Side-load resistance is improved by guiding bands, and cylinder life is extended by wiper seal.

Each cylinder is manufactured using advanced technologies while following quality system processes meeting the standards of UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015.

  • Industrial general purpose hydraulic cylinder
  • Capacities from 5 to 220 ton, piston strokes up to 362 mm
  • Strong spring for quick retraction, can be used in all positions
  • Collar threads, piston end threads and base holes, for accessory mounting
  • Hard chrome-plated piston with wiper seal to extend cylinder life
  • Heavy cylinders include carrying handles or eye bolts as standard
  • Body made of solid steel
  • Stop ring withstands the full capacity of the cylinder
  • Guiding bands improve resistance against side-loads
  • Fully compliant with ANSI-B30.1 / EN1494*
  • Hardened grooved saddles included as standard
  • Female AZ3140 coupling with rubber dust cap included
  • All units load tested under 125% of the nominal capacity

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