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  1. DDH10015
  2. DDH10015
  3. DDH10015
  4. DDH10015

DDH10015, 100 ton Capacity, 153 mm Stroke, Double-Acting, Hollow Hydraulic Cylinder

DDH-Series Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders feature a hollow plunger that makes them suitable for both push and pull applications. The double-acting configuration enables quick and precise control when retracting the plunger.
Versatile, efficient, and precise, DDH-Series Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders feature a hollow bore plunger that enables use for pulling, pushing, and lifting applications. With its double-acting capability, this DDH Cylinder provides superior precision and speed when retracting the plunger, helping to keep you safe and in full control.


Model: DDH10015   |   Series: DDH   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

DDH-Series Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Cylinders are ideal for applications such as tensioning cables and bolts, and for pulling sleeves or bearings. The hollow plunger bore, base holes, plunger and collar threads allow attachments that enable the cylinder to deliver both pull and push forces.

These double-acting hollow plunger hydraulic cylinders feature two connection ports to provide hydraulic flow to both advance and retract the plunger. This provides a more controlled retraction than single-acting spring return and load return cylinders.

A hollow saddle is provided as standard with each cylinder. Solid or threaded saddles are available as an option.

  • For push and pull operations: Tensioning cables and bolts, pulling sleeves and bearings.
  • Collar thread, piston end thread and base holes for easy fixing.
  • Safety valve on the retract side to prevent accidental over-pressure.
  • Hollow plain saddle as standard. Optional solid or threaded saddles available.
  • Hollow nickel plated piston.

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