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  1. A05018

A05018, 50 Ton, 180 mm Stroke, Hydraulic Bottle Jack

A Series Hydraulic Bottle Jacks provide powerful hydraulic lifting power for a variety of projects. They include an integral sturdy base for enhanced stability.
Stable, built to last and reliable, Larzep Bottle Jacks are the best choice for a variety of lifting applications.


Model: A05018   |   Series: A0 (APAC)   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

Larzep A Series Hydraulic Bottle Jacks give you the lifting power needed to handle a variety of applications including vehicle maintenance. Choose from a selection of models with lift capacities ranging from 3 to 50 tons.

Every Larzep Bottle Jack is built using high-quality materials to withstand the harshest working conditions. Typical use is in the vertical orientation, but they can also be used horizontally, providing the pump element is positioned at the lowest point.

All models are single-stage and models up to 30 ton include a screw extension for optimum stroke adjustment. The telescopic detachable handle for pumping the jack is zinc plated for corrosion resistance, and all models include a safety relief valve.

  • Capacities from 3 to 50 ton.
  • Up to 30 ton models include screw extension.
  • All models include safety relief valve.
  • Supplied with zinc plated pumping handle.
  • Also operates horizontally, provided the pump element is at the lowest point.
  • Available in APAC countries only.

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