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Performance under Pressure

Special Products

With more than 75 years of experience in the hydraulic sector, LARZEP designs and manufactures high pressure hydraulic equipment for the movement of heavy loads. Cylinders up to 1.000 Tn lifting capacity.

All our cylinders are designed according to ANSI B30.1/EN1494 and manufactured in our production facility located in Mallabia, in the North of Spain.

Our biggest advantage against our competitors is our flexibility and quick delivery time.

Contact our Technical Department to discuss your requirements, indicating type of product, quantity, capacity, stroke, or any another additional feature you may require.

step by step elevado

Step by step aluminium cylinder.


STX110016. Single acting cylinders, 1100Tn and 160mm stroke. With lock nut and base plate.


SM01010. Single acting cylinders, 10Tn and 100mm strock, with long piston.


D28013. Double piston cylinder, 280Tn capacity and 130mm stroke.


DT69021. Double acting cylinder, 692Tn capacity and 210mm stroke.


STR100020. Single acting cylinder with lock nut and tilting saddle, 1000Tn capacity and 200mm stroke. Supports a 12% side load.


EE05037-CE. Special press, 50 Tn capacity and 370 mm stroke.


D500125. Double acting cylinder, 500Tn capacity and 1250mm stroke.

D500125/P extendido

D500125 extended.


DTC150050. Double acting cylinder with lock nut, 1500Tn capacity and 500mm stroke.


HAE062X64. Hydraulic powerpack, 50 litres and 6 parallel ways.


SATM14005. Black anodized aluminium single acting cylinder with lock nut and stop ring. 140Tn capacity and 50mm stroke.


EE14025. 140Tn and 250mm stroke press with special protection.

Strand jack

Aluminium strand jack.


DD110030. Double acting cylinder, 1100Tn capacity and 300mm stroke.


DDR150030. Double acting cylinder, 1500Tn capacity and 300mm stroke, with a special machining to insert a load cell for pile testing.


D35005. Double acting cylinder, 350Tn capacity and 500mm stroke with tilting saddle and ceramic coat.


DT45036. Double acting cylinders with lock nut and tilting saddle, 450Tn capacity and 350mm stroke. Support a 10% side load.


DT25031. Double acting cylinders with lock nut and tilting saddle, 250Tn capacity and 310mm stroke.


SMX07564. Two stages telescopic single acting, spring return cylinder, 72Tn capacity and 64mm stroke.


10 - SS20006 cylinders set, 200Tn capacity and 50mm stroke, with stainless piston for skiding system.

2 pistons pump

2 pistons pump.

Moving column press

Moving column press.


DH20020. Double acting, hollow piston cylinders, 200Tn capacity and 200mm stroke with AZ5700 pilot operated check valve integrated.