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Performance under Pressure

HFM - HFE Split-flow powerpacks

HFM - HFE Split-flow powerpacks
  • Simultaneous lifting system to power 4 or 8 single or double acting cylinders.
  • Remote pendant to allow the independent control of the lifting or lowering.
  • Simultaneous lifting with less than 4% flow difference between exits.
  • Manual directional control valves (HFM) or push button controlled solenoid valves (HFE versions).
  • Suitable for most of the applications where a uniform lifting is required.
  • Available 380-415V/3 phase as standard and 230V/3 phase as special.
  • HFE solenoid valve powerpacks are supplied with a push button pendant with 5 metre cable.
  • Options: roll bars, heat exchanger, wheel kit and push button remote control, to control all solenoid valves (HFE) or motor control (HFM).

Remote Pendant in HFE

  • Allows the individual or simultaneous movement of each cylinder when lifting or lowering.
  • Advance/retract switch selects the position of the solenoid valves.
  • Individual buttons for each cylinder to operate them independently or at the same time.
  • Simultaneous button moves all the jacks at the same time.
  • To improve the control over the lowering of the cylinders it is highly recommended the use of AZ5255 lowering valves.
  • Can also be supplied with independent remote pendants for each exit.
  • To make the retraction of the single acting spring return cylinders easier, once the movement has finished and the equipment is without load, a switch in the electric box allows the retraction of the cylinders without pushing any button.

380-415V / 50-60 Hz / 3 phase
OutletsTankFlow at 700 barManual Valve HFMSolenoid Valve HFEPower
4 100 0,9 HFM47724 HFM47744 HFE47764 HFE47774 5,5
150 0,9 HFM47824 HFM47844 HFE47864 HFE47874 5,5
2,0 HFM49824 HFM49844 HFE49864 HFE49874 11,0
8 150 1,3 HFM88824 HFM88844 HFE88864 HFE88874 15,0