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Performance under Pressure

General Features

  • Fully comply with ANSI B30.1
  • All units load tested under 125% of the nominal capacity.
  • Mechanical end of stroke gland avoids over travel at full pressure.
  • Cylinder bodies made out of solid high strength alloy steel.
  • Hard chrome plated pistons.
  • Wiper seal reduces contamination and allows longer life
  • Wear rings for long service life and high absorption of side loads.
  • Hardened grooved saddles as standard, optional tilting saddles improve side load resistance.
  • Heavy cylinders include carrying handles or eye bolts.
  • Female coupling AZ3140 with plastic dust cap included in all cylinders.
  • LARZEP designs and manufactures special cylinders and fixing systems.
+34 943 17 12 00

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