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Performance under Pressure

Accessories Tilting Saddles

Accessories Tilting Saddles
  • AZ04 - CATS tilting saddles.
  • Highly recommended for its use with side loads.
  • These saddles allow up to 5º tilt angle.
  • Push-in or threaded to suit different cylinder models




ModelCylinder Model
AZ0401 SAM030-SP030-SMP030
AZ0402 SM050-SM075-SAM050-SP050-SMP050-SX050-SX075-DDA050
AZ0404 SM100-SM140-SAM100-SAM140-SP100-SMP100-SX100-SX150-DDA100
AZ0405 SM220
CATS50 STC030-STC050-DDC050
CATS100 STC100-DDC100
CATS150 STC140-SSC140-DDC140
CATS200 STC220-SSC220-DDC220
CATS300 STC300-SSC300-DDC300
CATS400 STC400-SSC400-DDC400
CATS500 STC500-SSC500-DDC500
CATS600 STC600-SSC600-DDC600
CATS800 STC80-SSC800-DDC800
CATS1000 STC1000-SSC1000-DDC1000