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Performance under Pressure

AP Hydraulic hoses

AP Hydraulic hoses
  • 4:1 Safety Factor.
  • Wide range of standard hoses. Hoses can be supplied in any length on request.
  • Rubber Guard on both ends.
  • 3/8"-NPT thread on each end. Can be supplied with couplers on one or both ends.
  • Internal Diameter 6.4mm; Oil Capacity: 35 cm³ per metre.
  • Minimum Bending radius: 115 mm.


Apply 2 rounds of Teflon around all 3/8"-NPT threads of the system, in the thread direction, leaving the first thread uncovered to prevent the tape breaking and entering the hydraulic system. Torque: 80Nm.



Never disconnect the hose when the system is pressurized.

Never exceed the maximum working pressure of the hose.


Int. ø EndLength (m)
6,4 3/8"-NPT 3/8"-NPT AP2008 AP2015 AP2020 AP2030 AP2040 AP2060 AP2100
6,4 3/8"-NPT AZ3120 AP2008G AP2015G AP2020G AP2030G AP2040G AP2060G AP2100G
6,4 AZ3120 AZ3120 AP2008G2 AP2015G2 AP2020G2 AP2030G2 AP2040G2 AP2060G2 AP2100G2