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Performance under Pressure

AZ8 - AZ9 Directional control valves

AZ8 - AZ9 Directional control valves
  • 3- or 4- ways directional control valves for single and double acting cylinders.
  • Manually operated, with or without spring and solenoid.
  • Suitable for operation with a remote control.
  • Possibility to select open or closed centre.

Drawing and dimensions
Symbol Model Flow Operation Central
LARZEP l/min Remote Open/Closed
3 ways, Open centre
AZ8300 4 Single Acting Open Centre
AZ9300 30 Single Acting Open Centre

3 ways, Closed centre
AZ8301 4 Single Acting Closed Centre
AZ9301 30 Single Acting Closed Centre

4 ways, Open centre
AZ8500 4 Double Acting Open Centre
AZ9500 30 Double Acting Open Centre

4 ways, Closed centre
AZ8501 4 Double Acting Closed Centre
AZ9501 30 Double Acting Closed Centre