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Performance under Pressure

NEW High Tonnage Cylinders

Jan 17, 2020
As part of refreshing our existing product range, we are proud to present you our new High Tonnage Cylinder range.

Larzep’s new High Tonnage Cylinders are designed to provide more durability:

  • Nitrocarburization surface treatment of body, nut and saddle to improve corrosion and wear resistance on STC and STX models. Body treated on SSC models up to 220 ton.
  • New seals provide a 20% longer service life.
  • SSC, STX and STC Series with Hydraulic end of stroke overflow port and Red band warning.
  • Certified lifting eyes.


The new range includes five new series:

  • SPC-Series: Single acting, Load Return: 50 - 1.000 ton capacity
  • SSC-Series: Low Height, Single acting, Load Return: 140 - 1.000 ton capacity
  • DDC-Series: Double Acting, Hydraulic Return: 50 - 1.000 ton capacity
  • STC-Series: Lock Nut, Single acting, Load Return: 30 - 1.000 ton capacity
  • STX-Series: Pancake, Lock Nut, Single acting, Load Return: 50 - 500 ton capacity

Click here to download the high tonnage cylinders leaflet.