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Performance under Pressure

Big structure moving and clamping system

Push pullEach system uses: 76 pcs 200 ton cylinders and 16 pcs 560 ton locknut cylinders. For  lifting, a total of 36, SS20006-2/L cylinders of  200 ton and 60 mm stroke are used, in groups of 9 units.

The same type of cylinder is used for the clamping of the structure to allow the pull cylinders to enable the movement of the structure.

The side load that these cylinders will have to stand while the structure is being moved has been estimated at 65 ton. The test is made simulating this sideload with a standard extra flat 75 ton cylinder.

To clamp the structure once the movement is complete, 16 cylinders ST56005-1/D with 560 ton capacity each and 50 mm stroke are used. The locknut is tightened and loosened by a hydraulic motor powered through a gear drive.

The test is made at LARZEP in a test rig with a maximum capacity of 1.500 ton.

Body and locknut with Nitreg-ONC surface treating to assure the best resistance in aggresive environments.