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Performance under Pressure

Cascais harbour construction


The project consist of the construction of a breakwater to  build a marina.

LARZEP supplied all the hydraulic components  consisting of: 16 cylinders, accessories and a special powerpack  to control the whole the system.

The 16 cylinders moved a steal structure going deep into the sea to pour the concrete step by step.

The cylinders carried out next operations: lifting, advance, clamp and hold in the position, closing a square area where concrete was emptied.

At the same time, 2 divers worked underwater to prepare the subsoil for the metal sheet to close the square area.

After assembling the powerpack at our factory, it was sent specifically adapted to work in an extreme environmental conditions.

To operate each cylinder, a spring return valve was used.

The breakwater goes deep into the sea 1,2 km.

An impressive project made ​​possible by the high pressure hydraulic equipment for LARZEP.