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Performance under Pressure

Synchronized Lifting System of 4 cylinders

synchroA big car part manufacturer needs to separate both parts of a stamping press dies. The upper part weighs 14 ton.

4 SM01005 cylinders are used for the job.
The hydraulic powerpack is built with a 4 split flow pump, with a remote pendant that allows the independent or simultaneous  movement of the cylinders.

The lifting is syncronized as each cylinder receives the same ammount of oil.

The lowering can be controlled independently actuating on the AZ5251 manual valves, in case the cylinders hold different loads.

The remote pendant allows both individual and simultaneous movement of the cylinders.

One button selects ADVANCE or RETRACT of the cylinders.

Four buttons to move each cylinder up or down separately or 2 or 3 or the 4 at the same time.
One button for simultaneous movement of the 4 cylinders.

For the retraction the manual needle valves AZ5251 can control the lowering independently.
Emergency stop button.