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Performance under Pressure

Larzep Synchronized Lifting

bridgeThis job was done for the Engineering University of Madrid, and consisted on the controlled destruction of an old stone bridge, measuring force and deformation to generate a pattern of how these old stone structures behave.

3 special cylinders were used with a synchronized powerpack and a data logger to register both pressure and stroke in the 3 cylinders during the test.

As the pressure transducers were on the powerpack, and due to the 100m hoses, pressure had to be applied step by step, to make sure that the pressure recorded was the real one, till the bridge collapsed succesfully

powerpack 8 solenoid valves


Another example of syncronous system, with single  exit pump and remote block with 8 solenoid valves. Suitable for applications where there’s a long distance between the powerpack and the cylinders.

The valve block includes a protection cover to avoid damages in construction sites. It also includes preset lowering valves that can be removed depending on the application.



supersurTypical application of splitflow synchronous system with 4 exits lifting a bridge section. With STX cylinders and ultrasonic stroke transducers.